Legislator: It’s Time To Rebid County Contract

Letter to the editor:
At the last county legislature meeting, I asked if the contract with IQS is going to be rebid.

Like always, there was no answer.

The Republicans control the legislature and they have a real opportunity to maybe save the taxpayers some money.

The contract expires in August and it can either be rebid or extended to IQS for another year. If it’s rebid, we have a real opportunity to save the taxpayers a significant amount of money.

My guess is that the Republicans will keep going with IQS because worrying about your money is the last thing they have on their minds.

They’re more interest in who can get what county job, who can run for the senate and who can run for congress.

I remember when Mike Backus ran for county clerk. He was going to “evaluate” everything in the first six months.

I guess he hasn’t had time to evaluate IQS because he hasn’t asked for the contract to be rebid.

Maybe it’s time the public evaluate Backus.

From what I hear, he’s not doing much of anything and the office is still in a shambles.

Things are so bad that five of his employees changed from the Republican party to the Democrat party. They’ve given up. They claim he’s never in and, when he is, he sits playing on his phone or Ipad or whatever electronic toys he owns.

Backus is the leader of the Republican party. He could lead by example and get his minions to rebid the IQS contract and save the taxpayers some money. But, instead he’s too worried about shutting down the press.

Heaven forbid if his dirty laundry gets aired and he has to abandon his congressional dream because the public sees him for who and what he really is.

It’s time for Backus to get off his electronic toys, straighten out his office and put the employees and the public ahead of himself.

Forget “Mr. Backus wants to go to congress” for now and take care of the office and the taxpayers.

Rebid the IQS contract and give the taxpayers a break.

Legislator Doug Malone