Legislator Karasek Runs for Re-Election

To The Editor:

I am James Karasek and I would like to announce my bid for re-election for County Legislator, District 22. My endorsements are: Republican, Conservative, Independence and Reform.

However as my voting record shows as legislator I will vote on the issues and sometimes that means crossing the party line.

Knowing that every penny of your property tax goes to the State of New York for un-funded mandates, I am known as a very conservative person in the processes and feel that questions need to be asked in order to make sure I am being a good steward of your remaining monies.

I am married with two sons, two grandchildren 7 and 10. My wife and I just become empty nesters (after 33 years) (recently were raising our grandchildren.)

The newness of this has not set well as of yet because the house is too quiet.

We have three dogs, two cocker spaniels and one golden retriever.

My wife and I are huge supporters of the community and give to several projects, (the most recent is the purchase of materials to complete the end of the pier @ Lake Neatahwanta so that those who use a chair/power chair, walkers and families with strollers can use the pier safety.)

I am a person with a disability which does not knock me down but does impact the time and length I can walk without problems.

So I may not be able to go to every house and visit with all of you.

That does not slow me down.

I work full time with ARISE as the manager of Independent Living Services, (Advocacy) and work very hard assisting those with disabilities living on their own.

I have a team that runs the ramp program, housing, benefits, peer advocacy and several other programs. We strive to keep someone at home instead of institutionalization saving taxpayers thousands of dollars.

I love my job and all of the success stories that go with it. Likewise I love what I do for you, advocating on the county level for your county taxes to be low, your services to be the best they can be and taking the individual issues I am approached with and coming to a fair resolution.

I sit on two state NYSAC Committees, (New York State Association of Counties), Children with Special Needs and Public Health/Mental Health. I serve on the county committees: Public Safety and the Health Committee.

I’m an Instructor for “Diabetes-Self Management Classes.”

I sit on the OCO Health Committee, Environmental Management Council, City/County Youth Board, C.O.A.C.H Governing Board, (Coalition for Homeless). I am also CAPS (certified aging in place specialist) with the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders. I’m a certified grant writer and just completed the Cornell certification as a Benefits and Work Incentive Practitioner.

I bring a LOT to the table.

Finally, I am a hard worker and respected for honest straight-forward questions and answers.

I advocate for our district and never set aside my integrity or have ethical issues.

If you have any questions I can be contacted @ 593-7903 or [email protected]

Thank you.

James Karasek