Legislator: Letter Was A ‘Fake,’ Seeks Author

For anyone who may have read the letter about me in the media, I want you to be aware that the letter from Francis Rhines, claiming to be one of my constituents, is a fake letter.

There is no Francis Rhines living in my district and the only Francis Rhines registered to vote in Oswego County resides in West Monroe.

Francis Rhines sent this letter to the media by email with no signature, no address and no phone number.

The letter was sent as a Word document attachment and was written on a computer located at SUNY Oswego.

In checking, there is no Francis Rhines listed at SUNY Oswego as a student, faculty or employee.

I intend to pursue the author of this letter to determine who made this attempt to mislead the voters of Oswego County.

It’s one of the most egregious acts my opponent’s campaign could undertake against the voting franchise.

Thank you,
Legislator Doug Malone