Legislator Questions Rental Fee

To The Editor:
Chairman Gardner,
In light of myself and Legislator Farfaglia asking to have the highway rental fee revisited, I again reached out to some of our fellow NYSAC members to find out what their policies were.

Attached you can see their answers to my questions.

I reached out to about 20 counties and heard back from 6.

As you can see only one out of the 6 that answered charge a rental fee.

All others use a gentlemen’s agreement.

I think it would be in the best interest of all the legislature to have this brought back to the floor of the full legislature for a vote.

I know that some may want to have something in writing as to the limits to the length of time and the use of the equipment.

I agree with that, but not the all-out rental fee of equipment that the taxpayers have already paid for with their tax dollars.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Legislators: Frank Castiglia, Doug Malone and Dan Farfaglia
CC: Chairman Hayes, Legislators Schadt, Farfagila, Malone, Broadwell, Kunzwiler and Lockwood.