Legislators Debate Payment For Consulting Firm

Legislator Frank Castiglia states his case Thursday on the floor of the legislature.

Legislator Frank Castiglia states his case Thursday on the floor of the legislature.

OSWEGO, NY – Who’ll pay for a study to bolster Oswego County’s economic future came under debate Thursday afternoon.

The Oswego County Industrial Development Agency and the CNY Regional Planning Board assisted the county in solicitation and evaluation of proposals for consulting services related to development of a strategic economic advancement plan for the county.

Legislator Frank Castiglia states his case Thursday on the floor of the legislature.
Legislator Frank Castiglia states his case Thursday on the floor of the legislature.

The IDA agreed to pay 50 percent of the cost of the study, up to $50,000.

The legislature awarded the contract to Camoin Associates of Saratoga Springs for a fee of $79,914. The county’s share will be paid from the Development Efficiencies Project account.

The firm is tasked with developing a comprehensive, multi-year strategic economic advancement plan for the county that will maximize the county’s current economic strengths, identify untapped economic development opportunities and strategize their launch, identify obstacles to growth and formulate a plan to remove them.

The plan must contain specific goals, strategies and implementation steps.

“Who should pay for this? That’s my question,” Legislator Frank Castiglia said.

He checked with some other counties. Two of them did studies, he said and it was split between the IDA and the county budget.

“Three of the counties, no, the IDA paid for it. The county share was nothing,” he said.

Oswego County supports a third of the operating budget for Operation Oswego County, he pointed out. They also “give the IDA 10 percent of our PILOT, this year, it’s going to be $198,000,” he added.

He said he’d rather see the price tag for Camoin split between the two agencies rather than come out of the county’s budget.

He put it on the floor as an amendment to the resolution under consideration. Marie Schadt seconded the motion.

The motion failed.

“I used to be cynical about studies,” Legislator Shawn Doyle said. “But I think of the kind of studies we have contracted for the past few years have been very beneficial. This is the type of study that we need. It’ll show where we’re going, where we should go, assess our assets as well as our potential.”

The county nearly lost two nuclear plants last year, he reminded the legislators. The county really didn’t have a good plan in place to deal with things if something happened to those plants, he said.

Castiglia agreed the county should have had such a plan years ago.

“I’m sorry. I can’t ask the taxpayers to come up with another $50,000 for a study that should have been done all along,” he said. “We need this study, yes. But not at more cost to the county.”

The results of the study will benefit everyone in the county, Legislator Morris Sorbello said.


  1. In Marketing 101 you learn that if you have a product you want to sell you must know everything about that product. In this case Oswego County is the product. The Marketing firms for this product are OOC and Oswego County IDA. With that being said those two agencies should already know everything there is to know about Oswego County. The assists, pit falls, etc. They are not new to the area. They have been here for at least 30yrs. If they were trying to be our Marketing firms they would do their homework and know everything about the product(county) and how they could help. Also what would happen if any of the assists were lost. The Marketing firms we have are complacent in their jobs. Why? It’s not their fault it’s the County Legislature’s fault for not holding them accountable. These agencies have some great people working for us but just like a great sporting team if you don’t push them they will only be good enough to get by. The OOC and IDA receive over $600,000 to Market us to Industry and to let us know what to do to attract that Industry and what would happen if we lose any of our Industry we have. That is why I feel the Taxpayers of Oswego county have already paid enough and shouldn’t have to pay anymore. Over the course of 30yrs those agencies have received around $15 Million taxpayers dollars. Yes they have helped but that is what they were paid to do. YES a study should be done but not with anymore of TAXPAYER money. We have paid enough. “The problem isn’t that the people aren’t taxed enough. It’s that Govt. spends to much”

  2. well sure maybe the individual taxpayer has paid enough, probably more than enough, but like everything else in America, the corporate entities who should be paying more don’t … don’t even pay anything close to their “fair share” … entities like Exelon … corporations we have to beg to stay and entice with PILOT “agreements” (i.e. a lot less money than actual taxes)

    but of course we have Republicans dominating our politics so going after corporations and the rich just isn’t on the agenda

    Bernie 2020

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