Legislators Hear About ‘Great Things’ At CCC’s Fulton Campus

OSWEGO, NY – There are many great things happening at the Fulton campus of Cayuga Community College, according to the college’s interim president.

“There is some exciting news at the Fulton campus. There are some great things happening there,” CCC Interim President Gregory DeCinque told members of the Oswego County Legislature Thursday afternoon.

They are forming several community partnerships he pointed out.

“It reduces duplication. It allows us to partner with mission appropriate organizations and some very, very good things are starting to happen,” he said. “We formed a formal partnership with Oswego (County) BOCES (now – CiTi). They will actually be occupying a space on our campus along with our continuing ed / adult education program. So then, rather than competing with each other we are coming together to collaborate,” he said.

They will also be building out one of the storefronts as a manufacturing training center where BOCES will partner with CCC to provide workforce training development in both a BOCES level and a two-year associate degree level.

“So we are very excited about that. Chris Todd, the superintendent of BOCES, has been a very good partner moving this forward. This is, if not the first, one of the first formal partnerships between a community college and BOCES coming together and collaborating on programs, DeCinque said.

They are doubling the size of their nursing program.

“We have been talking with Ann Gilpin (CEO) of Oswego Health about the demand for nurses. We have a nursing program on both the Auburn campus and the Fulton campus. The Fulton campus program was about half the size (of Auburn). So we are doubling the size of this program. The good news is we can go further down the waiting list for those who are interested in becoming RNs,” he said.

For three consecutive years, the program has had a 100 percent passing rate on its exams, “That’s quite, quite good,” he added. “We’re thrilled about being able to expand that program.”

They are also working to develop a certified occupational therapist assistant program. They will build out one of the storefronts to create a lab for that program.

It is a nationally accredited program. CCC is going through the steps right now to receive accreditation for that program, he said.

“We’ll begin offering it in the fall of 2016. These positions are very much needed today and are very much employable,” he added.

Another thing they are excited about is a partnership with the Central New York Arts Council.

“They are actually going to be moving from their current location to the Fulton campus and be working out of our special events center to provide music and arts and other programming to the community at the site at the Fulton campus,” DeCinque told the legislators.

CCC has also formed a partnership with the Fulton YMCA.

“They have been talking to us and have expressed some interest in developing a multi-sport recreation facility, which most likely could occupy the K-Mart building – it’s 94,000 square feet, it’s a very large facility. It could become a multi-sports facility,” the interim president said. “These are the kind of partnerships that allow us to bring resources together rather than duplicating services. We met with the good folks at the Y and are optimistic that in the next year or so that will become a reality.”

They are also building out a new student lounge.

“One of the things we didn’t have really was a sufficient lounge where students could gather between classes and do the kind of things students care to do between their class times,” he said. “That project is under way now. The contractors are on site. That was funded by the Cayuga Community College Foundation. We are very grateful to them to give us some of the resources needed to move ahead.”

“What our overall goal is, is to create an education, training, recreational and cultural center for the community. We have met with Mayor (Ron) Woodward and he was very excited about the concept in general. I think this is going to be a very good addition to that area of Fulton and overall, I think to Oswego County,” he continued.

Their enrollment is stable at that campus and with the activity they’re going to generate through these new programs, DeCinque  said he’s certain they are going to see an increase in enrollment  and more importantly, “we’re going to be putting those programs in place along with our transfer programs for the two years baccalaureate degree. We’re really branching out this campus specifically into those career readiness workforce quality programs that we all hear so much about from our local employers for their needs.”

“We’re really proud of our facilities and think we’ve made tremendous progress in the last five months,” he said. “And, I think over the next five months we’re going to see a lot of good things come to fruition – even better educational services and training services provided to Oswego County from the college.”