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September 20, 2018

Legislators Hear Health Update

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego County Legislature recently welcomed Judy Lester, supervising public health nurse with the Oswego County Health Department and Elizabeth Burns, N.P., director of student health services at SUNY Oswego’s Mary Walker Health Clinic to report on the handling of a suspected case of bacterial meningitis last February.

Legislators Hear Health Update

Legislators Hear Health Update

Lester talked about the steps that were taken, including making proper notifications, providing preventative treatment to 28 additional students, plus hospital staff and first responders, and providing accurate information to both the news media and concerned students.

She reported that the student recovered and no additional cases occurred.

New York State Sanitary Code requires that physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, school nurses, laboratories, daycare centers and hospitals all have a responsibility to report communicable diseases to the county within 24 hours of diagnosis.

Last year, the Oswego County Health Department investigated 500 reports of such diseases.

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