Legislature Approves Sale of Properties to County of Oswego IDA

OSWEGO – At this month’s meeting, the Oswego County Legislature approved the sale of two parcels at the former Miller Brewery to the County of Oswego IDA.

The purchase price of $400,000 would recover back taxes for the county and the Fulton City School District.

The first parcel is 142.74 acres and contains a currently inoperable waste water treatment plant.

The second parcel is 73 acres and is vacant.

The COIDA plans to coordinate the development of both parcels including the returning of the waste water treatment plant to service.

“Lack of waste water treatment and infrastructure capacity in the city of Fulton and Southern Oswego County along the NYS 481 corridor is limiting development,” said L. Michael Treadwell, CEO, COIDA, in a memo to the legislature. “This treatment facility, combined with sewer infrastructure improvements, could serve new development and industry.”

Some legislators voiced concern over the deal.

However, Legislator Jack Proud (Mexico) cited the old saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”