Leighton Elementary Battle Of The Books Competitions Were Close

OSWEGO – The excitement over Leighton Elementary’s 2019 Battle of the Books competition was apparent during the recent tight races at the school.

Leighton Elementary School Battle of the Books champions for the third and fourth grade level are Mike Waters, Reagan Wood and Grace St. Onge.

Tense moments filled the latter portion of the friendly battles, as both the third/fourth and fifth/sixth grade competitions were so close.

First place winners Reagan Wood, Grace St. Onge and Mike Waters edged out their competition by just three points to be declared the building’s third  and fourth grade Battle of the Book champions.

For their efforts, those team members received a gold medal and have advanced to the Oswego City School District battle, which will take place at 6 p.m. Feb. 26 at Oswego High School.

The fifth  and sixth grade battle had the crowd of students, teachers and special guests on the edge of their seats as three teams were tied at the half-way mark.

Leighton Elementary School Battle of the Books champions for the fifth and sixth grade level are Brodie Wood, Elijah Rowe and Sophia Kropf.

Two teams were tied with 96 points after the final question was read, and it took five tie-breaker questions before “The Bookie Cookies” team members Brodie Wood, Elijah Rowe and Sophia Kropf were declared champions.

They, too, received medals and advanced to the district battle.

Leighton Elementary staff members commended each Battle of the Books participant because they successfully read 10 books each outside of their regular classwork.

Teams had just 30 seconds to think about detail-oriented questions before they were required to write and then speak their answers by giving the correct title and author name.

While there could only be one champion team per level, sportsmanship won at the end, with all team members giving each other high-fives and congratulatory remarks.