Leighton Elementary Students Celebrate Heart Month

OSWEGO – Leighton Elementary School students have committed to becoming heart heroes.

Leighton students were amazed by the jump rope tricks shown by Meg Gibbons, AHA youth market director, during a recent assembly on how they can be heart heroes.

In celebration of American Heart Month, Leighton students welcomed Meg Gibbons, American Heart Association youth market director, to talk about how they can come together to save lives.

Through participation in the upcoming Kids Heart Challenge, students may raise funds for research and treatment related to children who were born with heart issues.

Under the direction of physical education teacher Frederick Donabella, students will participate in an upcoming week of physical activities during their PE class.

Students are invited to collect pledges and donations for the Kids Heart Challenge.

While students have the chance to win various prizes, the most rewarding one involves Donabella. During Gibbon’s stop to Leighton, she announced that if the school raised more money than they did with last year’s challenge, Donabella would wear a shark onesie for an entire day and may even perform the infamous “Baby Shark” song. Last year, students and staff members raised about $3,800.

“You guys are very important to us,” Gibbons told the students. “You help save lives.”

Dozens of students cheered as Gibbons played a video, which highlighted animated characters featured in an app to help children and their families learn more about heart health.

The video also featured families affected by heart conditions.

Leighton students also learned the following tips for good heart health: avoid foods and drinks with too much salt or sugar, stay active and drink water.