Let’s Maintain Our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms

By Assemblyman Will Barclay (R-Pulaski)

It is well known that New York state already has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. Nevertheless, each year the Assembly Democratic majority puts forth a legislative gun package which contains bills that would place additional burdens on legal New York gun owners. This legislative package is marketed as a way to make our communities and families safer. However, on close inspection and after vigorous debate, it becomes clear that if these bills are passed they would not accomplish their stated goal but rather simply further erode our second amendment rights.

One of the bills being considered (A.5696-D) would require that gun dealers only be permitted to hire employees who are either licensed to own a gun or would qualify for such ownership. The bill mandates expensive background checks and requires certification of eligibility for such employment. Why is this necessary and how will it make us safer? The bill’s sponsor does not say. No examples of employees absconding or misappropriating firearms are cited. Further, the sponsor fails to mention that employers are already liable for their employees under current law and therefore have strong incentive to appropriately screen their employees. At best, this legislation appears to be a solution looking for a problem.

Another bill being proposed (A.28820-B) requires law enforcement to send expended shell casings or guns which have come into their possession and are believed to have been used in the commission of a violent felony to the state police. Under the bill, the state police are then required to enter information relevant to the identification of the expended casing or gun into an electronic database. This seems like a reasonable piece of legislation, however, the sponsor fails to note that maintaining this database has costs $36 million over nine years. Further, it has not resulted in a single conviction. Accordingly, to expand the database would be a waste of taxpayer money and an additional burden on local law enforcement agencies without providing any significant benefit.

Other measures being proposed by the Majority include legislation that would: (i) broaden the definition of assault weapons; (ii) place additional and redundant reporting requirements on legal dealers of firearms; (iii) require unreasonably restrictive and cost prohibitive requirements for gun storage; and (iv) prohibit certain caliber weapons.

If the above legislation passes and becomes law, the benefits would be minimal at best. However, it will continue a trend in New York where laws are enacted that aim to limit gun ownership for law abiding men and women in New York state. It is for this reason I oppose most of the bills included in the Majorities anti-gun package. My colleagues in the Assembly majority need to realize that placing restrictions on law-abiding citizens is not the way to make our communities and families safer.

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  1. You know, it would be a good idea if you proposed legislation making New York a machine gun state where automatic machine guns could be owned legally by law abiding citizens if they paid say $5,000.00 for the Class 3 license. Then we would be like Kentucky and we could have a machine gun shoot shindig up in Redfield and draw thousands of tourists who would like to vent their frustrations at their economic plight by shooting the machine gun of their choice into the hillside. What the heck, Kentucky does it and millions of dollars from tourists are generated. Something to think about Mr. Barclay.

  2. Will,
    All that’s needed is enforcement of existing laws and common sence legislation.
    Thank you for your support of the second ammendment and for law abiding people who own firearms.

  3. Will,
    I appreciate your support of law abiding citizens bearing arms. I just wish you would do as much for the unborn citizens in New York State. I am a registered Republican but I will never vote for someone regardless of his or her party who supports the “right” to take the life of an innocent unborn child. Good move not to run for Congress again.

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