Let’s Clean Up Fulton

To The Editor:

Let’s Keep Fulton Clean

Now that Spring is here and people are getting out and about and especially since the Little League/Kiwanis baseball season is starting I would like to ask everybody; players, parents, spectators and everybody else to be good stewards when it comes to the neighborhoods.

Please, don’t litter. If you have a wrapper, cup, bottle, can etc. use the trash cans. It not only keeps our city looking clean but it’s not fair to the neighbors who have to pick up after you.

To the parents, please observe the speed limit in the area of Kiwanis Park (and other parks and playgrounds) and leave the cell phones alone until you’re done driving.

It’s not only your kids but other parents’ kids for whom we’re looking out. I have asked the police department to patrol the area looking for speeders and cell phone users, not to pick on anybody but to avoid accidents and have a safe summer season.

To dog owners, please be courteous and take a “poop” bag with you and clean up after your pet. Again it’s not fair to the homeowners to have messes in their yards.

A friend of mine came up with a good idea.

It is to “adopt a block.”

It would be nice if an individual, a family or a group of people in a neighborhood once in a while went around their area and kept their little corner of the world clean. It not only would make their neighborhood look pleasant but make a good impression to visitors to our city.

Let’s all be proud of our city and help keep it clean.

Jim Myers

Fourth Ward Alderman