Letter: Can You Help This Student?

Robert J.
Conway School
19710 State Route 534
Mount Vernon, WA 98274

December 16th, 2009

Dear Editor:

Hello, my name Robert and I am in fifth grade. Our class is doing state reports and I chose New York my state. I really like New York, but I have never been there and I don’t and I don’t have any items from there. I really hope I get to go there someday. Maybe I can convince my parents to let us go.

I would really like if I could get some items or information about New York. I would really appreciate if you or your readers could send me some CDs, license plates, a postcard, or some things that you don’t want. I already have some items from there , but not much. I also know some facts, but there is a lot more I need to know. I will appreciate any of those items.

Thank you for your time. This would be really cool if you or your readers could write back. I really hope you can send me some items. I really enjoyed writing you. Thanks so much again.


Robert J.