Letter: Don Todd’s Built-In Conflict of Interest

Dear Editor,

Well, here it is just before elections and Donald Todd has yet to tell the voters of Oswego County how he intends to effectively serve them, or, better yet to withdraw as a candidate for the position of Oswego County Court Judge. The facts of possible ethics violations and other possible improprieties are still the same as when they were brought to the public’s attention back in July, but District Attorney Todd has not spoken a word publicly about how he proposes to earn his salary if he is elected!

The facts, as I stated, have not changed. The relationship between Moe Todd, County Sheriff and Don Todd, County District Attorney, makes serving the citizens of Oswego County effectively a virtual impossibility. The District Attorney’s Office current cases will be completely taken from a calendar of Don Todd-a possible judge. All past violators prosecuted by the DA’s office, if brought before the County Court for any future violations, will be completely taken from a calendar of Don Todd-a possible judge. And all cases investigated by the Oswego county Sheriff’s Department will be completely taken from a calendar of Don Todd-a possible judge, because he is Moe Todd’s brother.

If I were given to guessing, I think that maybe Don Todd might be able to preside over only 15% to 20% of the cases brought to Oswego County Court. If I were the only other sitting County Judge, (there are only 2 judges in the Oswego County Court system), on the Oswego County Court, I might wonder how my schedule became so lop-sided and unfair, given that Don Todd knows the ethics decisions made in New York State in the past that truly affect his performance as a possible County Judge! As a County Taxpayer and potential employer of Don Todd, I wish he would consider me and the rest of his potential employers/taxpayers and do the smartest and most cost effective thing and withdraw from the election.

There have been rumors that Moe Todd will retire from the Sheriff’s Department after the November 2nd election, if that happens it will be more of the same-manipulation of the electorate by the powerful! The resulting boondoggle will not mean that Don Todd would be able to serve effectively, but that there would be ethics questions and problems for years to come. As the people that vote candidates into office, we should be able to expect that morals, integrity and ethics, especially from law enforcement officials, are paramount. Duplicity and manipulation, especially in Oswego County, should not be tolerated, or the rule.


Kenneth R. Stevens

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