Letter: Eddie Bellinger, an Exemplary Businessman

I am so impressed with the way Eddie Bellinger treated me as his customer, that I feel compelled to give him public praise. I am currently residing in Pittsburgh, PA, and came to Fulton to visit family for Christmas. The water pump on my car was leaking badly and needed to be repaired quickly. Mr. Bellinger made me his only appointment for Christmas Eve and worked on my car all by himself. He even waited for me to pick up my car for an extra two hours because my ride’s car was also having problems. When I arrived, he greeted me with a smile and charged me a very minimal amount considering the cost of the part and the work done. I will not hesitate to recommend Bellinger’s to anyone that needs car repairs done. I bought my first car from Mr. Bellinger over five years ago, a 2000 Chevy Lumina, and I am still driving it today thanks to his help. All businessmen should learn from his example.


Andrea Doherty


  1. after having worked with Ed at the James A. Fitzpatrick plant and having taken our vehicles to Ed in the past and present the letter only reinforces what i alreadt knew and i agree all business’s should learn from him
    ken & sharon goodroe

  2. I agree and I think that is what Christmas and America is all about and I applaude the appropriate use of media to foster, nurture and enhance that!! Thank You.

  3. quite a few years ago our radiator hose blew on my way to work.I just happened to be right in front of Mr Bellingers shop.He ordered a hose and put it on.While he did so, one of his customers gave me a ride to work so I wasn’t late.I didn’t get paid until that Friday and told him so.Even not knowing me he did the work (on a Monday) and never billed me.I showed up there that Friday and he only charged me for the cost of the part.

  4. In 1991 the summer before our son left for college in Albany, NY, we bought a used car for him from Eddie Bellinger. The car had a 90 day guarantee. While away at school or son phoned home [don’t they always?] to tell us there was something wrong with the car and the 90 days would expire before he could get home with the car. We called Eddie Bellinger about the situation. He told us not to worry about a thing and to bring the vehicle to his garage while our son was home on Christmas break. As it turned out, the car needed a new rack and pinion and since I can barely spell it I know it had to be expensive to fix. True to his word, Ed installed the new part and didn’t charge us a dime. That’s the kind of man Eddie Bellinger is and that’s the way he runs his business. We have gone to him ever since and have never once been disappointed in the work that was done. We wouldn’t dream of having repair work done on our vehicles by anyone else.

  5. Ed and his employees have always been fantastic to me and my entire family. There is probably not a better business man or person for that matter that I know. If everyone did business like Eddie and had his personality, the world would be a MUCH BETTER place.

    Happy New Year to Eddie ad the crew at Bellinger Auto Sales and Service.

    Jeff Jung

  6. My family has trusted Eddie’s car expertise for years. I’ll still call up there to get a second opinion for my car because I trust his word and like to know that I’m not being over charged for something, even though I’ve lived out of state for years. He’s as good as they come, and I’ve never been able to find a car repairman like him!

  7. When my daughter was traveling from W.V. to the State fair grounds she had problems with her car on the trip there. I live in New England, I was able to call Eddie Bellingers and have then repair the problems she had with her car and she was able to return back to school. Thank-you again.

  8. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Anyone who has known the Bellenger family as long as I have knows that. His Father, Eddie Sr was the same way. I go back as far as the early 50`s with Sr when he worked at Sivers Garage. (where the car wash is now). When he left there and started his own garage, where Eddie Jr has it now, our family followed him down there. Eddie Jr picked up where his father left off and continued to do business the same way his dad did.
    Larry Spauldiong

  9. I graduated from high school with Eddie and he was a classy, stand-up guy then. I am not surprized to read these comments nearly 43 years later.

  10. I had Eddie as a student during a brief career as a High School Math teacher in the mid sixties and he was a great kid then. No surprise that he is an exceptional adult and businessman. I ran into him this past summer and he remembered me. That’s impressive! He was buying lunch for a group of race fans. I hope those who read these letters will add to his business. Win-Win is what business should be all about.

  11. Eddie is a stand up guy and a great mechanic! We have gone to him for years and I feel he is an honest and fair guy. I am not surprised by the number of responses to this article. Thanks Eddie for being there for us!

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