Letter: Fulton Council Candidate Outlines Her Positions

Dear Fellow Fulton Residents my name is Audrey L. Avery I am a candidate for 5th ward city council. I was born and raised in this City as well as my husband Charles. We are very proud to be residents. However there are issues within the city I am concerned about.

Here are some changes I would like to see.

More police presence in certain areas of the city.

Landlords should understand that they need to be here to resolve issues with their rental properties (We have too many absentee landlords that need to be accountable for the issues of their tenants. We need to encourage landlords to keep their rental properties up to code and provide a safe environment for their tenants.)
I will work to find a way to bring more businesses into our city (if we can find a way to make the city more attractive and affordable then we can work on obtaining stable businesses which in effect will lower our taxes, and that is something we all want.)

I will work to create a program that helps our youth become more active in our community; there are too many young people on the streets at night that are causing problems. If we start some type of volunteer program and have them help others they feel more appreciated and needed. We need to work on encouraging our youth to keep our community safe, not only for us but for them. We also need to work on a way to have a curfew as many other cities do I know that this is a touchy subject but it is one that needs to be addressed. If we as a community can come up with a way to instill a curfew it could work. I am ready to talk with other communities that have a curfew in place and obtain a better understanding of how it has worked for their residents.

I feel that we all need a change I know it will be a challenge to get our ward back to where it once was, just know that I am ready to work for you. I will do all that I can for our ward to help all residents have a brighter outlook and a promising future, and to keep our business in this city for lower taxes and bring more opportunities.

Well in closing I hope I have explained some of the issues I will address. I want you to know I will be here for the residents of our ward and city so I may help with your needs. I hope I have your support on Election Day.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Audrey L. Avery

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  1. Too bad you can’t also get a cap on rental properties within the city limits. It seems not only is Fulton inundated w/ slum lords to accomodate the disproportionate number of welfare in the city (and county), but the number of once single home neighborhoods have turned into multiple dwelling rental properties. This zoning should never have been allowed. I believe that started under the mayorship of the 80s…and it was constant decline from there. Your intentions sound great. Good luck! Fulton needs it. It was once a nice city to raise a family in – thank god I got out! Under the right state, county and city leadership someone could sell this community and all that it has to offer but you’ll have to clean up a lot first. Unfortunately, anyone with any real means of entrepreurship has left the area and state.

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