Letter: Garcia Announces Candidacy for County Legislature

Ernesto Garcia
Ernesto Garcia

To whom it may concern:

My name is Ernesto Garcia and I am running for county legislature in the 22nd district here in Oswego County. I am writing this letter to let the citizens that reside within the district know that there is someone out there that will finally stand up for them and get to the bottom of issues that concern us in our district. I am running on the Independence Party line as well as a small party line that I created, My United Party. In case people are unaware there is a primary for the Independence Party seat which will be held Tuesday September 13, 2011. I urge all Independence Party members to go out and vote at their designated voting locations on that date as well as for the general election where the small party line, My United Party, name will be on the ballot is November 8, 2011.

For those of you who do not know me I would like to give you an insight about myself. I am 23 years old and have lived in the district for about eleven years. I have a girlfriend, Sarah Munger, who is the mother of my daughter, Liliana Garcia, who turned two years old this Labor Day weekend. I graduated from G. Ray Bodley high school in 2005 where I was a member of the wrestling team throughout junior high and high school. I attended Cayuga Community College, on the Fulton campus, where I received an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Science. I am also currently enrolled at the State University of New York at Oswego where I am a political science major.

My family and I have lived in Fulton since I was about four years old. We have been very active members in the community. I have an older brother, Matias Garcia, who has been serving in the US Army for about 2years and is currently stationed in Italy. My sister, Yesenia Reynoso, whom just graduated from G. Ray Bodley will be attending Monroe Community College in pursue of a degree in dental assisting and in dental hygiene. I have a younger brother, Paul Reynoso, who is a sophomore at G. Ray Bodley. He is a starter on the varsity soccer team and also participates on the lacrosse team. My father, Rev. Paul Reynoso, is a full time pastor for our Hispanic congregation, La Vid Verdadera. My mother, Maria Reynoso, is a family worker at a head start in Red Creek, NY. Also my parents took in my three cousins Dan Garcia, Eli Salazar who are attending Cayuga Community College currently and Henry Reynoso who is saving money to pay for future education plans. These people in some way or another have helped push me towards my goal and also to help have a better understanding that I need to help everyone around me in any situation that they might encounter.

The reason I wanted to get involved with local politics is to primarily get more involved with what is happening in our community. In order to fix the greater problem that we are having at the federal level we must first address the problems at the local level. If we are not going to be responsible for our actions on this level then how can we expect for the issues in Washington D.C. to be fixed?

Some of the things that I want to propose for our area include to finally doing something with the lake Neatahwanta. We have had many different grants to figure out and educate the people with what is going on with the lake, but I feel as if we finally just need to do something with it. The city of Fulton has tried to address the issue but feel as if the county needs to address this issue because it is a county issue. If the county can make the lake reusable it will be beneficial to the city of Fulton, the town of Granby and Oswego County itself. Another proposition that I would like for the county to have some type of festival so that it can generate funds as well as produce needed tourism. Finally the need to work with the power suppliers to keep costs down to the remaining manufacturers is vital. If we can keep companies here then we will be able to have more companies want to come and make an investment in our area.

I want the people to have better representation and to be able to believe in their elected officials. I believe Oswego County is a great place for me to start so that I can help my fellow citizens and make our area the example for others to follow!

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  1. Ernesto,
    So happy to see a former Fairgrieve student become successful and willing to give back to the area in which he was raised. I wish you much success and look forward to reading about your accomplishments. Give Matias my best.

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