Letter: Legislator Malone Thanks City of Oswego

To the editor;

I would like to offer a thank you to the Councilors and Mayor of the City of Oswego. A resolution has been initiated and passed into City law to provide EMT/Ambulance coverage for the Town of Oswego. This coverage can become a priceless commodity in an emergency, thank you!

The Town of Oswego is currently working through some issues and challenges regarding their own coverage on this item, and it is extremely satisfying to observe two separate government entities cooperating and working together for the good and best interests of the people.

As an Oswego County Legislator from the 20th District, I would like to extend my services in the representation of the people of Oswego County to not only my District 20 constituents, but all of the citizens of the County. If there is an issue that you believe I can help with, do not hesitate to call on me. Happy New Year!

Doug Malone, Legislator, 20th District