Letter: Syracuse Mayor Stands Up To Police Dep’t

The new Mayor of Syracuse, Stephanie Miner , has shown she has a strong backbone by standing up to the Syracuse Police Department. A jury verdict found a policeman guilty in using excessive force, and Mayor Miner has shown she will stand up against police bullying. She now has to stand up against protests by the Police Union against her own actions because they cannot stand criticism! They don’t want to be told what to do, but three different juries have found some policemen guilty and have cost the City of Syracuse millions just in the past couple months.

Sometimes the police officers think we live in Russia and believe they can get away with much more than they have a right to. The police need to get off their “power trip”. Citizens who stand up for their own rights are in danger of being “put down” by police aggression.

Mayor Miner has been in office for just 6 months, and has worked and accomplished more than all of Syracuse’s mayors together in the past 30 years.

Rudy Giuliani had a lot of resistance cleaning up New York City, but with courage and a strong backbone eventually helped New York City become a safer place for the good citizens. Mayor Miner is walking is Rudy’s footsteps. Mayor Giuliani cleaned up the taxi-cab drivers, drug dealers, and the police officers. He let him know his expectations and demanded reform…”firm & fair”.

Syracuse has a few thousand employees on the payroll ~ good jobs that pay well. Mayor Miner is making sure the city workers earn their money and the taxpayer are getting a fair “bang for their dollar”. She is the head “chief”, not the cops. The definition of “head honcho” is the head Indian chief, and that describes Stephanie Miner . Mayor Miner works and earns her paycheck ~ she only expects the city employees to work hard and fair also. The Syracuse Police Department has the toughest areas to enforce in Central New York, I commend them when they keep the area safe. 50% of all police officers are nice guys ~ fair, unbiased and helpful. The rest of the officers are just in a big clique, which has to be stopped.

Keep up the great work, Stephanie. If all elected officials in this area were as good at their jobs as you are, the Central New York area would be #1 in the country.

Steve Burdick