Letter: “To Protect and Serve”?

“To Protect and Serve”?

From the time we’re able to understand basic ways of civilized living, we’re told that law enforcement officers are not the enemy. We’re taught that they’re here to serve the laws of the population, and to protect us from the people that offend against them.

On the night of August 29, 2011; that was not made evident. A major physical altercation at Chateau West Apartments in Fulton, resulted in absolutely no arrests. During this incident a man was assaulted by two individuals, for no reason at all. The offenders were released at the scene with no charges filed. During this same incident; a woman was assaulted while holding her infant daughter, yet the aggressor was released only minutes later, also without being charged with either offense.

For too long this type of “enforcement” has been made to suffice for the protection of the public. I’m sure that this is not the only incident that has been resolved with simple “wrist slapping” and “warnings”. This is not acceptable to me as a member of this city, and should not be accepted by any other member. If we live in a place where violent assaults and offenses against infants is tolerated, what does that say about the character of each and every one of us as a community?

Randy Crofoot