Letter to the Editor: Bachman Not The Winner for America

In my estimation, Bachman may have won the the Iowan Straw Pole, she did not win the Republican debate!

Bachman’s speech in Iowa was to The Iowan’s not The Americans. In Iowa, the other night, she told Iowans how wonderful her life was as a child in Iowa, what wonderful people live in Iowa and what great country there is in Iowa. All of which may bew true. She was in Iowa, had lived and loved living in, Iowa and tolds them so. So Iowans voted for her. she did not, as usual, tell all of America what she will do should she win the Presidency.

The only thing I heard from Bachman is what the incumbent is not doing and warning him he will be a one term President!

Bachman also does not have a history of leadership in the House. She claims she has fought for many issues and she has, but she has not been a leader for any and beside the debt issue, what issues has she fought for? For what issues and when she was the originator and the winner of any? The House of Representatives may not have had a Tea Party Caucus until Bachman, but they did have a Constitu-tional Caucus (Leadership) founded by Ron Paul many years before Bachman was a even a member of Congress.

Ron Paul and Herman Cain very clearly, as they always do, reviewed our problems and what they will do to fix them. I would say they won the debate and they were equally in first place.

— B. Reed

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  1. Is hilarious and hypocritical at the same time but you forgot to mentioned that at the speech that Bachmann gave she made the same satement as Mrs. Obama did about 2 years ago, but it wasn’t talked about as when Mrs. Obama did.
    Here is the link to Bachmann’s speech listen @ 3:58

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