Letter to the Editor: Impressive Preparations For New School Year

Recently the Fulton Board of Education had the pleasure of visiting the six school buildings and the Fulton Athletic Complex.

We were greeted by the building administrators and head custodians. They provided us with a tour of the school, special areas and classrooms. In each building, I was very impressed with all the preparations made for a new school year. Spaces sparkled and glistened with cleaniness. Classrooms were colorful and inviting. Please accept my appreciation for outstanding presentations.

In addition progess is being made at the Athletic Complex. We are so fortunate to have a superior school system, with students, teachers, and staff making each day special and important.

Respect Week, September 20-26, will have a kick-off at Bull Head Point on Sunday, Sept. 20th at 1 pm. The Fulton Community Task Force is responsible for the family experience of food, music and fun activities. Betty Fadden, director of the YMCA, will be the guest speaker.

In closing, I’d like to wish everyone involved with learning a sensational school year!!

Rosemary A. Occhino
Board of Education