Letter to the Editor: Someone’s Stealing My Campaign Signs

First, I would like to thank all those who have supported my run for Mayor. It touches me to know that I have brought a sense of hope to so many citizens who are truly upset with this city’s current state of affairs, and the status quo that has driven this city to the brink. Many citizens have told me that for the first time, they feel they truly have a choice for a brighter future in their community. Many citizens have said they will be voting for their very first time, because they feel that now there is a reason to.

However, now there appears to be those who would silence the voice of these very people. Over the past few weeks, numerous “Stacy for Mayor” yard signs have been stolen, vandalized, or tampered with in multiple parts of the city. Though I point no fingers, it is odd that an opponent’s signs, of which many where within 10 to 20 feet of mine, have consistently not been touched. This type of behavior is abhorrent, and shame be on the persons responsible for perpetrating an act that would stifle another citizen’s right to free speech, and the right of said citizens to support the candidate of their choice. I call on the other two candidates to join me in publicly condemning this type of behavior, and to pledge an attitude of zero tolerance toward any known supporter that may perpetrate these criminal acts.

During one particular incident, my signs were littered and damaged in the 4th Ward, the neighborhood. I call home. To be fair, Mayor Woodward’s signs were also tampered with, some even thrown in the street. As my campaign team replaced my signs to their proper yards, my team also took the time to return Mr. Woodward’s signs to their yards that we knew of, knocking on doors to ensure that the signs indeed went where they should be. Why did we do this? Because we believe everyone has a right to be heard, and we believe in extending good will, even to those who oppose us. That is what being a Fultonian should always be about, a good citizen!

A supporter of mine has seen a person in the act of pulling my sign out of the yard and throwing it. Yes, the people are watching their neighborhoods. This particular offender knows who he is. I wonder what exactly he was thinking by acting that way. I will say this much, the police will have been notified by the publishing of this letter. I will not stand by idly while any citizen’s voice is silenced, be it my supporter or not. We are all Fultonians and regardless of our views, we are all in this together!

Whether some people like it or not, the future is here! The people are demanding a voice in their local government. The people are demanding true change and not a bunch of empty promises. No matter how many signs you destroy, the people’s voice will be heard. I will not be discouraged, for I am of the people and for the people!


Ralph E. Stacy, Jr.

Independent Candidate for Mayor of the City of Fulton