Letter to the Editor: Thank You, Cowboy

Last Friday we were in a local retail establishment with our grandson looking for something to buy when we were approached by a tall and slender gentleman with a can’t miss it cowboy hat. The minute he began talking to us it was obvious that he wasn’t from around here. We asked where he was living now and when he said “you all know where Bowens Corners is?” we detected a strong Texas accent. He introduced himself as Cowboy/Dave and said that he was reconnecting with kin folk.

In talking with Cowboy, we learned that he was a rodeo clown and bull rider. He asked if we had seen the movie “8 Seconds,” which he said was a true story about Lane Frost who was a champion bull rider. It was somebody he had know and he recommend that we watch the movie if we ever had the opportunity.

As he talked about the movie without telling us too much about it, he reached into his back pocket for his handkerchief and said at some point that we’d probably have to use one of these. The next day as we skimmed the TV listings, we discovered the movie and watched it. Cowboy was right for it was a touching story with a very strong messages.

We don’t know how to reach Cowboy but want to thank him for coming into our lives if only for a short time.

Bob & Sandy Weston
Fulton, NY 13069