Letter to the Editor: Urgent Care

I recently had an occasion to visit Oswego Health Urgent Care in Fulton on a Saturday morning. I can tell you that the experience was one of expediency, courtesy and professionalism. I walked in at 10:00 a.m., barely had time to sit down, and went through the process talking to Robin for initial information, then on to Linda for some preliminary medical review and then on to Dr. Doolittle, finishing with Crystal for additional follow-up information. Thirty-five minutes later, I was on my way home.

All of us living in Fulton that were so use to Lee Memorial Hospital’s emergency room and their medical staff naturally were very concerned when all of that was taken away from us. Elected officials, hospital board members, concerned employees and Fulton residents did everything they could to try to change the final decision to close. Since then, Oswego Health has come forward and has made a long term commitment with the recent changes structurally and added services to help meet the demand of our community. The Urgent Care facility has been used much more than earlier projected and hopefully has renewed our community support.

If the need should arise to get medical attention and your primary doctor is unavailable, Urgent Care is an excellent alternative in most cases. Remember, in an emergency such as a possible heart attack or other serious health threat, 911 should be contacted and emergency responders will take you to a hospital for more in-depth care.

Bob Weston