Letter: Vote for Tom Gillen

Letter to the Editor:

Oswego City voters will make an important decision on November 8 when they select the next mayor to lead our city in these challenging times. Having attended two meetings where the two candidates answered questions, I found a stark contrast between the candidates and have concluded that the choice is very clear. Mr. Tom Gillen is by far the most qualified to be our mayor.

His professional career has kept him in working relationships with government officials and representatives of major, successful companies; the kind of relationships the mayor of Oswego will need in order to represent our city to state government and businesses that may be thinking of locating here. Mr. Gillen is accustomed to working collaboratively to solve problems and prepare for the future. He is articulate and thoughtful and thinks well on his feet. He presents a calm, friendly, receptive, and confident demeanor. He would represent our city well, whether addressing a group of students or a delegation of dignitaries, and we would be able to be proud of his performance. He has a good command of the proper role of the mayor and of the needs of the city.

Mr. Gillen’s respect for the office of mayor and the people of Oswego was clearly demonstrated by his careful preparation for the public meetings. His responses addressed the questions with command of the facts and a clear, logical, intelligent enumeration of the points he wanted to make about each one. They were forward-looking but mindful of our rich heritage and always respectful of input from other people. He cited work being done in other places and offered many creative ideas about the issues unique to this city.

He proposed ways in which he would make himself available to receive the concerns and suggestions of the citizens of the city.

Although his professional work has involved extensive travel, Mr. Gillen has remained a resident of the city of his birth and has a deep affection for it and desire to become its leader. I urge all voters who share his love of this city and care about its future to vote for Mr. Tom Gillen to be the next Mayor of the City of Oswego.

Vernon Tryon