Letter: Vote To Reduce Hannibal Board of Education Members

To Hannibal School Residents

On Tuesday May 18, 2010 the vote for the Hannibal Budget, school Board members and bus purchases will be held in the district office from 9am to 9pm. Also on the ballot this year in Hannibal is a referendum asking that “as soon as legally possible reduce the number of board members serving on the Hannibal Board of Education from 9 to 7.

I have submitted a petition to the Board of Education asking that this be put on the ballot for this Election Day.

A recent resignation promoted me to research the resignations of board members in our district. In the last 5 years 8 members have resigned while serving on the board. Compared to other district this is far above normal.

Data indicates that in New York State there are 535 schools with 5 and 7 members and 169 schools with nine members. Much larger districts than Hannibal have fewer board members.

I offer the following reasons to reduce the number of school board member.

? COST SAVINGS: New York State Law requires a new board member to take training at a cost to the district. When a member resigns the replacement must again take these training sessions at another cost to the district. Board member travel cost can also be reduced.
government of the school district. Smaller governments can get more
accomplished for the student and the tax payer.
STRENGTHENS BOARD: Having seven strong, well trained and committed
members builds strength that may be sacrificed in training a nine member board.
EFFIECENCY: 535 other districts in the state have 5 or 7 members. These boards deal with the same issues that are faced in Hannibal. Seven members allow this to be done in a quicker, less chaotic, less stressful manner.

I hope that the voters of the Hannibal school district will support this referendum. I believe that it will strengthen our district for both the student and the tax payer.

K. Michael La Furney
Candidate for Hannibal School Board