Letter: Where Did Doheny’s Millions Go?

I was glad to see how all 3 of the candidates for Congress in our 23rd district have been successful businessmen. I did find it ironic however that only 2 of them made their money here in upstate NY. The third candidate, Mr. Doheny made the most by his connections on Wall Street

Since moving back to the district over a year ago, what has Mr. Doheny done for upstate? I failed to see in his background any community service such as; boards of hospitals, nonprofits or other local charities. When I read the personal discloser forms they showed in just one year Matt was paid not including his salary, but $6,124,864 as a “performance fee” bonus. So I wondered what Mr. Doheny has done with his millions, other than donated to his own campaign, employ political operatives and spent money on TV and radio.

Let’s say Mr. Doheny was serious about creating jobs. What could he have done to create jobs in upstate NY or to benefit others? I know Doug Hoffman, used his talents to build a number of businesses that made him money and employed families in upstate NY. Doug has donated a large amount of time helping others, like the US Olympics efforts in Lake Placid, local hospitals and other nonprofits

What could Matt have done with $6,124,864 to “give back” and benefit others? He could have bought the old Nestlé’s plant in Fulton for $2.5 million and restarted it, creating hundreds of JOBS here. He could use another $500,000 (like he donated to his campaign) to reopen the Golden Fish restaurant in Pulaski NY, creating more JOBS and sales tax for the area. With over $3 million left he could have spent some of that to buy the remnants of the Dealmaker Group and created even more JOBS in Watertown. Matt would still have cash left over to donate to some local charity, not donate the maximum allowed by law to Dedee Scozzafava’s campaign like he did last year.

It all comes down to core beliefs and values. Matt Doheny’s career has been to enrich himself and his high finance pals on Wall Street. Matt now runs for office with the promise when elected, to trickle down some for the rest of us, just as the same group in Washington says. Contrast that with Doug Hoffman, who has worked hard for himself and family while creating jobs for those who live here.

The big question I think voters should ask is how Mr. Doheny can convince others to invest, locate a business or create JOBS in the 23rd district when he himself refuses to invest a fraction of his “bonus money” here. The choice is plain to me. I am voting to send Doug Hoffman to Washington.

Len Schick
Fulton NY

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  1. Hahahahahah DEAL MAKER!!!??? Is that a joke?? All of what you just said was uneducated and ignorant.. but DEAL MAKER!? Are you serious? Do you know who owns that? Wow..

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