Letter Writer: ‘Oswego County Family Court Judge Seager Should Resign’

From 2002-2009 I was in foster care right here in Oswego County.

I “grew up” if you will, in “the system”. I have seen many youth come in and out of care, some succeed, some fall back into the vicious circle that I was so fortunate to have gotten out of when I was young.

I went in front of the family court judge every 6 months for nearly 8 years to explain my progress and why I believe that I needed to be in foster care. You see; it was a need, not a “want”. I needed to be around people who had the training to help my family and I. I was supported, encouraged and loved.

The Family Court I knew never put a price tag on its commitment to seeing that I and many other youth in foster care were successful. It never looked at sending me back to an unstable environment v. saving a small amount of money.

Well, the Family Court I knew changed for the worse with the 2008 election of Legislator Kim Seager. To be very honest, I am fortunate to have “aged out” just as Legislator Seager won the seat.

I attempted to get the people of this county to understand that they were being duped into making a decision they would one day regret.

Ms. Seager championed a new court with new ideas and better, more productive ways of dealing with families that have issues that needed to be dealt with. She fooled the people of this county into thinking they were getting a viable option by choosing her as the top decision-maker in family court.

For many years I have kept quiet, but I can no longer bear the weight of my guilt in not speaking out sooner.

I am writing to tell you that LOVE, COMPASSION and a DECENT HOME should never be contingent upon a funding source. We are all working towards common goals of unity and a solid family structure; Ms. Seager’s goals begin with dollar signs and end with cent symbols.

Apparently saving the lives of innocent children is less valuable than getting a pat on the back from the county administrator about how much money you have saved since you took office.

I am proud to say I have humble roots in this county and I have lived here all of my life.

This is our time to speak up and speak out. Ms. Seager, an Onondaga county native, should be stopped before another innocent youth is placed back into an unfit environment where a higher courts ruling comes a little too late.

There is only so much time that can pass before sheer luck runs out.

Michael T. Johnson
Fulton NY

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  1. Hi Michael,

    I have read a blog regarding Ms. Seager’s feeble attempt to meet out justice for the sake of the child vs. the mighty buck. http://www.cnycentral.com/news/story.aspx?id=724126#.UY1CHtj4Lko

    It’s a sad day when unfit parents reclaim their children after a hearing has been concluded on their case, then taken them home for future abuse. Talking about the trauma these children have to experience at the hands of unfit adults & poor judgment of a judge boggles my mind.

    A friend told us today that her client lost the right to raise her grandchild due to foolish reasons related to the birth mother. The BM should NOT have regained custody of her child because 1. she is inattentive, unloving, and does NOT give a hoot about her motherly responsibilities… just so she can go out and do drugs and get drunk, and 2. she can be quite violent… among other reasons, to adults and children alike. How is that being a parent who’s fit to raise a child in a home of such callousness?!?!

    Any such person should be imprisoned (permanently removed from society and or eliminated) for endangering the life of a child or children.. including child molesters who have left a little person to deal with the trauma they have inflicted upon them and scarred them for life. Such a travesty!

    Anyhow, this judge should be defrocked, caned, and then the county find a sensible individual who has keen eyesight and a sensible way about themselves placed into that position so as to make sensible judgments that will affect the lives of children for the duration of their natural life-span, not to mention the ones who are ordered to watch over these little jewels of life; so they may provide loving attentiveness, and of whom can offer a safe home environment to raise that child so that they can be a productive adult in society -not become another living terror and social vulture.

    This is what is needed to be the focus: the safety and well-being of a child. Reunification with the natural-born family member(s) is not always a viable solution -nor a wise one. IF more godly people would be placed into office, and work for We The People, we’d see more success stories being posted (and aired) instead of ones filled with horror.

    You are fortunate and blessed to have had a family (hopefully) to show you what decency and morals and love is all about. I’m glad you had aged-out of the system before things got worse for this county. I feel bad for the other counties in this state and others who fail to place individuals of good, upstanding lives into office.

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