Tuesday’s Links Worth Clicking

  • A full cabinet meeting has decided that Spanish gum is just too sticky, costing local councils large sums of money as they try to scrub city streets back into a state of pre-gum purity.

    The solution, says the government, is to employ a copolymer of vinyl acetate and vinyl laurate as the basis for Spanish gum.

  • The Legislature decided not to address a $315 million budget deficit in its special session Monday even after the state comptroller said inaction would make New York’s fiscal crisis worse by requiring even deeper cuts in coming months.
  • A growing number of Americans own entire homes the size of a living room.
  • Failed GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino (remember him?) spent $3.9 million – mostly of his own money – in the final weeks of his general election battle against Democratic Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo and still owes some $6.1 million (mostly to himself).
  • The state Senate briefly went back into session to approve a set of charter amendments and a bill creating a commission to explore and recommend pay raises for state officials — including, of course, judges.
  • Fruit is free under the latest Weight Watchers plan.
  • Supporters are making a last-minute push for New York’s Legislature to toughen penalties for employers that illegally withhold workers’ wages..