Tuesday’s Links Worth Clicking

  • Food Network Star and girlfriend of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Sandra Lee visited Syracuse on Monday as part of her effort to raise awareness of hunger in New York State.
  • A group of government reform groups say there's too much money in elections — more than $246 million was raised for the races held in November — and changes to the state's campaign finance system must be made now to increase civic participation.
  • Get a new flat-screen TV for Christmas and wondering what to do with the old console? Finally replacing that turntable with an MP3 player? Just upgrading your Mac? Whatever it is, you'd better check your state's books before heading to the landfill.
  • Some state workers, mainly at psychiatric centers and prisons, raked in huge overtime in 2010, with more than two-dozen workers making more than $75,000 in overtime alone, a review of records shows.
  • Candidates raised an incredible $246 million in campaign cash this last electoral cycle, according to a new good-government group report — or, to use that old trick reporters use to put things in perspective, enough to buy every man, woman and child in New York 997,443 ShamWows.
  • “I believe in the old adage of lead by example,” Cuomo explained. “I said early on in the campaign, when I was talking about the new fiscal realities that we’re going to have to face and the new economic reality for the state, I said that a wage freeze was going to be necessary and I believe it is.”
  • The soft female voices answering phones at the New York Department of Motor Vehicles could belong to women doing hard time.

    Inmates at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, the state’s only maximum-security prison for women, are staffing a DMV Call Center set up inside the gates.