links for 2011-02-17

  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo is ratcheting up his efforts to pass steep cuts to education aid, writing in an open letter to New Yorkers that “We need to spend smarter.”
  • New York elected officials are scrambling to make a play for the $2.4 billion worth of federal high-speed rail cash rejected earlier today by Florida – a move that will again force the Obama administration to reallocate the funds.
  • A major manufacturer in the nuclear industry is reporting a potential "substantial safety hazard" with control rods at Vermont Yankee and more than two dozen other reactors around the country, according to a report made public Wednesday by the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
  • Because unemployment is hiring among blacks and Hispanics, the chances of an employer considering a minority are decreased by one-third if jobless applicants are excluded.
  • State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has taken a close look at the Governor’s spending plan, and Tuesday he issued a warning that as much as $4 billion in expected revenue might not come to pass.
  • Less than two weeks before a special panel is supposed to come up with recommendations for saving $2.85 billion from New York's Medicaid program, mental health care is emerging as a battleground for two well-armed business groups.
  • Two left-leaning advocacy organizations are alleging that the Committee to Save New York, a coalition of business and real estate groups, is so close to Gov. Andrew Cuomo they should list him as a lobbying client.