links for 2011-03-07

  • It wasn't an easy arrest but deputies in Cortland County finally got their man.
  • The Cuomo administration is examining ways to increase the cost of health insurance for state retirees who now use accrued sick leave to reduce their payments for the benefit.
  • Tops Friendly Markets is removing Skippy Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter Spread from its store shelves due to the possible health risk of Salmonella.
  • In a violation of its own written policy, Cayuga County maintains no usage logs or standard check-out system for most of its motor pool vehicles.
  • The former stars take some of the blame for their fall from grace, but the school faces accusations of favoritism toward the basketball program. Players and their supporters claim Newburgh administrators and boys' basketball coach Frank Dinnocenzio gave them preferential treatment, allowing them to cut classes daily and still play in games.
  • The bump in revenue depends on whether Cuomo continues to have his way in Albany and lets an income tax surcharge on the wealthiest residents — including New Jersey commuters — expire at year’s end.
  • In New York, where test scores are the cornerstone of school accountability, the drop in proficiency rates was serious business for Southern Tier educators. But, as significant as the tougher grading standards are, they're only the beginning of changes over the next several years that will affect classrooms across the state, educators said.
  • As budgetary flourishes in the city go, Mayor David Roefaro certainly made his mark this year. During his recent presentation of the proposed 2011-12 spending plan, he pulled a white piece of paper off the podium in front of him to reveal a sign saying, “MY PAY is the FIRST CUT.”
  • The Committee to Save New York, a business-backed group that is supporting Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s agenda, including his nearly $133 billion budget proposal, is on television and radio with new ads
  • It turns out the old grenade an Army veteran found in his northern New York garage was very much alive.