links for 2011-05-03

  • Saying terrorism — especially the threat from al-Qaida — is "not going to end," Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that state Division of Homeland Security is coordinating special security protocols in the wake of the death of Osama bin Laden.
  • The headliners of the two day festival include the Average White Band, Robert Cray Band, Return to Forever IV with Chick Corea and Stanely Clarke, and the Brothers of Funk Big Band featuring David Letterman Trumpeter Al Chez.
  • Unfortunately, the brilliant engineers who came up with toilet paper left one problem unsolved: the problem of orientation. Should the loose end go over the roll, so that it's easy to see and grab? Or should it go under, for a more zen-like appearance?
  • Even though the pension scandal was the biggest case in the public career of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who said cleaning up Albany would be his top priority once he became governor, his administration has chosen to keep extending the temporary ban on placement agents.
  • After faulting Bruegger's Bagel Bakery franchises in a 2010 audit for failing to collect sales tax on sliced bagels — the cleaving was deemed to be a form of preparation that made the bagel more ready-to-eat and therefore subject to sales tax — the state Department of Taxation and Finance has issued a series of interpretive bulletins for retailers that may prompt the state's largest bagel-monger to once again shift its practice.
  • If Gov. Andrew Cuomo is looking for a state agency where immediate savings can be achieved and where hundreds of millions of dollars could be extracted to fill state budget shortfalls, the New York State Insurance Fund appears to be flush
  • A computer programmer, startled by a helicopter clattering above his quiet Pakistani town in the early hours of the morning Monday, did what any social-media addict would do: he began sending messages to the social networking site Twitter.
  • The Business Council has begun airing an advertisement making the case that, “The highest property taxes in the country continue to kill our jobs.”
  • New York's top court will hear arguments on reinstating a real estate broker's defamation claim against a rival business over anonymous comments posted on its website saying he mistreated his agents, failed to pay bills, made racist and anti-Semitic remarks and committed adultery.