links for 2011-06-06

  • Some lawmakers are trotting out new spending plans, even though the governor is warning that it's way too early to tell if the economy and the tax revenues it generates have turned the corner.
  • Since 1993, the state has provided therapy to children from birth to age 3 who have developmental delays or physical disabilities. […] professionals who provide the therapy say children will be turned away because changes in eligibility rules, and the loss of therapists who are leaving the program because of the low pay. T
  • A government ethics restructuring announced Friday will contain provisions sought by Capital Region restaurateurs to better define restrictions on the catered events, officials said, relaxing existing rules that so spooked lawmakers and trade groups that many staples of Capitol life — from Farm Day to Brooklyn Night — were cancelled in recent years.
  • When a new breath-alcohol analysis machine used by New York State Police began to experience various glitches in 2009, officials at the time said all the devices were reprogrammed and prosecutors across the state were assured that nobody was wrongfully charged with drunken driving.
  • Slapping advertisements on the traditional yellow school bus may seem like a strange idea, but legislation to allow ads on buses is currently in both the state Assembly and the Senate.
  • Darby said legislators were scheduled to vote as early as this week on whether to release funding to keep the helicopter flying through the end of this year. The department could then continue the fight for its future survival at the regular budget sessions this fall, he noted.
  • 20 cats were rescued Thursday from a home in the City of Cortland. SPCA investigators say City Code Enforcement also condemned the home due to the amount of feces
  • Two U.S. senators are asking federal authorities to crack down on a secretive narcotics market operated on the Internet with anonymous sales and untraceable currency.
  • A Long Island soccer club saw some action above the field, when a big wind gust blew away three inflatable bounce houses with children inside.
  • There was something McDreamy about racing at Watkins Glen International Friday.
  • Government attorneys are relying on an untested legal theory to argue that money used to tangentially help a candidate — in this case, by keeping Edwards’ pregnant mistress private during his 2008 presidential run — should have been considered a campaign contribution
  • He did 20 months on gun charge. Records show he kept a 'filthy' prison cell.