links for 2011-06-17

  • Senate Republicans continued to refuse to say whether they will bring a bill legalizing same-sex marriages to a floor vote, drawing charges they are delaying action for political reasons.
  • Frustrated by the state Senate's failure Wednesday night to temporarily extend rent control laws, the governor said Thursday he would keep lawmakers in town until rent regulation laws were renewed.
  • A bill to give municipalities or intergovernmental cooperatives the right to form land banks is poised for enactment during the end of session crunch.
  • State cemetery regulators are considering a request to soften their recent ban on burying pet owners' ashes in animal cemeteries.
  • The Senate bill simply expands the list of crimes requiring DNA samples. The Assembly alternative also gives defense lawyers better access to crime scene and databank DNA evidence.
  • When you walk into a Panera Bread location, much of what you’re enjoying – the comfortable, customer-friendly atmosphere, the signature salad, sandwich and panini lines, even the free wireless Internet – was developed under an area native.