links for 2011-06-20

  • There will be people in red shirts shouting about the need for stronger rent controls, a football star extolling the virtues of traditional marriage and legions of lobbyists nudging favored bills toward floor votes that will continue long after the sun has set.
  • U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer on Sunday asked the federal government to post letter grades for discount tour bus companies so consumers will be able to easily see the companies' safety records.
  • A search is on for a homeless Utah man who has some good news awaiting: He's entitled to a lot of money..
  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo has become a prominent champion of legalized gay marriage, pushing his state into the center of the national debate over an emotional and divisive issue.
  • A growing number of pastors in the United Methodist Church say they're no longer willing to obey a church rule that prohibits them from officiating at same-sex marriages, despite the potential threat of being disciplined or dismissed from the church.
  • Wildlife officials are proposing a special hunting weekend for teenagers, an earlier start to the bowhunting season, and a ban on killing young bucks in some regions under a new plan that will guide deer management.
  • Syracuse police said the woman was "extremely intoxicated" and violent. Officers sprayed a "chemical agent" at her face in order to arrest her.