Lisa Wheeler guest author visits Granby Elementary School

Award winning children’s author Lisa Wheeler was a recent guest at Granby Elementary School. Wheeler spoke to two groups of students in grades Kindergarten through third grade in the library and her presentation brought smiles, giggles and outright belly laughs as she used clever voices and antics to illustrate her stories.

Granby Elementary School recently hosted visiting author Lisa Wheeler at the school who gave two presentations to students in grades Kindergarten through third grade. The award-winning children’s author hails from Michigan which she used her hand to illustrate the map of Michigan and pinpointed where her town was on her hand. “I’ll bet you never realized you had a map of Michigan at the end of your arm, did you?” she told the students.

Her quick wit was evident when the first students filed into the library and one student cried out “I have a Lisa Wheeler book!” to which Wheeler quickly replied, “I do too!”

She read several stories to the students and her story “Sixteen Cows” included hilarious voices, singing, two-step dancing, and sound effects from the audience.

She continued with audience participation in the story “Jazz Baby” and “Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum” where students used their imagination to add to the book’s storyline by imagining what other things might accidentally get stuck in bubblegum on the road. Wheeler shared with the students how inspiration for the bubble gum book came from her niece who had thrown her gum out the window of a car and was reprimanded by her father about what might happen to the gum that she had carelessly discarded.

Lisa Wheeler, left, inscribes Miranda Laws’ book “Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum” with the message “stick with reading” before the visiting author spoke to students at Granby Elementary School.

Later, Wheeler thought about it and came up with the hilarious scenario that became the popular book.

Wheeler personally autographed copies of her books for students and the Granby Library, taking time to speak to each student as she signed.

Wheeler’s visit to Granby Elementary School was coordinated through the Oswego County BOCES’ Arts-In-Education service.