Local Artist Unveils Oneida Painting

OSWEGO, NY – Congratulations to Lakeside Artisans’ member Tim Ames on the unveiling of his painting of the USS Oneida, a Brig of War which was built in Oswego and served in the War of 1812.

The painting, commissioned by the Friends of Fort Ontario, was unveiled on April 5 at the reception for the War of 1812 Symposium.

Artist Tim Ames and his painting of the USS Oneida.
Artist Tim Ames and his painting of the USS Oneida.

Ames explained to the attendees the process he went through to create the painting.

“It took about four months and several tries before I was satisfied with the painting,” he said.

According to Paul Lear, director of Fort Ontario, the painting will be going on an extended exhibition tour and eventually be brought home to Fort Ontario.

Ames, an Oswego native, is an award winning artist and founding member of Lakeside Artisans, 191 W. First St., which features the works of local artists and artisans, in a variety of media.

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