Local author publishes her first children’s picture book

Paul the Pizza Prince is a captivating, fun and inspirational children’s picture book, depicting a story of a little boy’s dream of what he would like to grow up to be.

“This is a great spring-board for parents and teachers to fuel the discussion of their child’s ambitions,” said Adell Endres, the author, “and indirectly asks the question ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?'”


The book is generally aimed at children aged 6-9 years, taking readers through a picture-filled journey of how a boy navigates his way through life’s many choices, ultimately growing up to realize his original dream.

The beautifully illustrated story makes for a great way through which to guide children and demonstrate to them the many ways they should be encouraged to try and develop, ultimately living up to all the potential they possess and becoming all that they can be.

A total must read for all kids aged 6-9, with a lot of parent participation encouraged to help the kids grasp the lesson communicated and make sense of what they’re reading and seeing.

Paul the Pizza Prince by Adell Endres is available right now at amazon.com and many other sites around the world, or you can ask for it in local libraries and bookstores.

Local author publishes Pizza King
Local author publishes Pizza King

Endres is an author with two Masters degrees, one in Education and the other in Educational Administration, from the State University College at Oswego, New York.

Endres is a Reading Instructor by profession, in Florida St. Lucie County’s Indian River State College.

She has an extensive history in teaching, having taught reading in Martin County, Florida and Oswego, New York public schools for 21 years. She went on to teach Language Arts at Florida’s Atlantic University’s Education Department and has built up years of experience in the world of teaching.

Endres grew up in Oswego, where her love for reading was developed along with a desire to share this love with children.

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