Local Author Releases New Book, Finding Autumn

OSWEGO – Ray Decker Jr., 28-year-old short-time Oswego resident, released his third book, Finding Autumn (December 28, 2018).

Ray Decker Jr.

In succession to his first and second books, Wilting and Wilting: Dismay Edition, he wrote the thriller from another problematic experience.

“Finding Autumn is an essence of a true story,” Decker said. “Before moving to Oswego three years ago, I had an experience similar to the events in the book. Those dark events inspired Finding Autumn.”

Though Finding Autumn remains a dark tale of twisted romance, Decker has not been shy of the use of more explicit themes in his work such as death and mental health disorders and the effects it has on families and loved ones.

“Mental health awareness is critical to me,” Decker explained. “As a Peer Support Specialist, mental illness is something that I experience on a daily basis. I think it is essential to show what untreated mental health can do to in its worse cases. I want those who read my books to walk away from the stories thinking ‘if only someone cared enough maybe things wouldn’t have ended this way.’ Philip Day, the leading character in Finding Autumn is mentally one of the most complicated characters I have created. He is self-serving, egocentric, and calculated, but also spontaneous. While reading Finding Autumn, think to yourself, how can Philip be helped?”

The dedication, For the people who understand that not every story has a happy ending. You may not like what you read, but the message is clear to those who take the time to understand it.
“Essentially,” Decker said. “If the content bothers you, ask yourself way and reread it.”

Finding Autumn follows a disclaimer saying:
Finding Autumn has been one of if not the most demanding projects that I have taken on. It is not for the faint of heart, and do not accept that disclaimer lightly. I have considered multiple times were abandoning this project would have been better than thinking that many would not understand what I was trying to portray.

When asked to explain, Decker said, “The world of mental illness and mental illness education changes almost on a daily basis. I am no expert, and I can’t expect everyone to be on the same page as I am while I am writing. I do not wish to re-traumatize people who want to read my books.”

Finding Autumn Book Cover

Finding Autumn has been released on the Amazon bookstore, the Kindle and iBook bookstore, and even in audiobook format on Audible.

Gordan Greenhill had produced and narrated the Audiobook for a read time of 1 hour and 17 minutes. It’s a quick listen and perfect for those who don’t have the time to read and great for a road trip.

Description: Phillip, a lonely writer, meets a lovely young woman named Autumn at the whimsical Locket Cafe. Phillip becomes enamored after only a single conversation with Autumn. He becomes unequivocally infatuated and must do everything in his power to prove his love.
Embrace the mysterious life of Phillip Day in this exciting tale of desire, devotion and mystery.

You can find all of Decker’s work on Amazon.com or his website www.RayDeckerJr.com.

For Information on Gordan Greenhill, please visit  www.gordongreenhill.com.