Local Business Joins With SUNY Oswego Student

OSWEGO, NY  – Zink Shirts, 19 E. Cayuga St., will host an educational seminar open to Oswego County businesses and students of SUNY Oswego. The first design and screen-printing production seminar will be held on November 20, doors open at 6:30 p.m.

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Production Manager, Jake Behr prepares the printing press before starting to print a new T-shirt.

For more than four years, Zink Shirts has been providing screen printing services, embroidery, graphic design, and custom apparel.

It was a SUNY Oswego senior, Shealene Guerrero, who first came up the idea for the seminar.

Guerrero, a public relations intern at Zink Shirts, wishes to share the same opportunities she’s received while working at Zink with students in the department of art as well as those who are interested in the screen-printing industry.

“Since interning at Zink, I have taken my own designs and applied them to custom apparel. I believe that all my fellow classmates would benefit greatly from learning the screen-printing process and seeing their personal designs transformed into something, like a T-shirt,” said Guerrero.

The goal of this seminar is to give the attendees an overview of this creative industry and an opportunity for art and design students to ask questions about a functional small screen-printing business.

There will also be a tour providing a behind the scenes look at the company.

“We hope to give students a chance to immerse themselves in the operations of a functioning design and print company,” said Zink creative director Brett Groves.

Along with the SUNY students from the school of art, Zink is extending an invitation to all Oswego County businesses.

“Because most of our revenue comes from Oswego County businesses, we would like to invite those that we have worked with closely to this event. We hope that they find the seminar interesting and it gives them a better understanding of how their businesses apparel and other print items are produced. We also thought blending the local business leaders with the SUNY students may produce some profitable networking,” said Zink owner Glenn Zansitis. “Zink has a long relationship with the college and involves itself in many local events and fundraisers that support those in need.”

During the seminar, each attendee will have a hands-on opportunity to screen print one of six selected designs that will be set for production and when finished, take the T-shirt home.