Local Couple Part Of National Championship Bass Tournament

The Parish New Hope Presbyterian Church is sponsoring a local couple Jeff and Julie Raner in a National Championship Bass Tournament.

Jeff and Julie are members of the vibrant New Hope Presbyterian Church and the New York Fishers of Men Bass Club.

Jeff and Julie Raner
Jeff and Julie Raner

The Fishers of Men (FOM) is a club founded on the principles of spreading the gospel through the sport of bass fishing.

There are now clubs in 25 different states and divisions for male/male, male/female, and adult/child teams.

The NY club is two years old, is currently the only one in this state, so all divisions are combined.

The Fishers of Men club members meet the night before each tournament enjoying a meal together, fellowship and listening to a guest speaker talk about the Gospel.

Jeff and Julie have been fishing together, as a team, for three years and claim it is “wonderful time spent together.”

They joined the NY Fishers of Men Club last year and qualified for this National tournament by winning the regular season as ‘Points Champions.’

The couple said, “This is so much more than we could ever have imagined when we started fishing together, but God has a way of doing so much more than we could ever imagine.”

Along this journey with the FOM they have met fellow Christians from central NY and look forward to meeting many more from all over the country.

There will be 130 teams competing in this upcoming tournament on Pickwick Lake in Alabama.

Of that, eight to ten couple teams will be fishing in this tournament. But, Jeff & Julie Raner are the only team representing NY.

The New Hope Presbyterian Church recently completed a ‘New Beginnings’ workshop with some pretty amazing results taking place. The spirit is moving within this small congregation in a very positive way! Under new leadership of Rev. Dan and his wife Julie McCollister, they are discovering what their multi-faceted call is all about.

With this revitalization and new attitude, our members are excited to sponsor Jeff and Julie on this new venture in this journey of faith.

If you would like more information on this fast growing club go to FOM National Tournament Trail. http://www.fomntt.com/ or visit the New Hope Presbyterian Church website, http://newhopepresbyterian.parish-ny.com/ and you will also find them on Facebook.