Local Couple to Marry at Nursing Home

[Ron and Colleen have republished this notice to fix a minor problem.]

This is to announce that on Wednesday, the 17th day of August 2011 at 3pm, two longterm employees of Pontiac Nursing Home with the cooperaton and support of the facility, Ron Smith (Director of Environmental Services and cna) and Colleen (McManus) Farmer (CNA/GNA) will exchange their vows of marriage.

The couple have worked side by side at the nursing home for nearly 20 years and have been dating for the past 12 of those years.

The couple have been caring for the residents in a way of which they have become like family to a great deal of them thus leading to the inclusion of their ceremony, which will be performed by Hon. Roger Wells.

Following the ceremony there will be cake and showing with the residents and staff only. Although this ceremony will be private in nature they will be enjoying their reception by means of Ms. Farmer’s brother, Terry McManus and his wife Lorraine, who very generously offered to share their home and yard located at 93 Skyline Drive, Oswego, for the reception with friends and family commencing from 5pm till 10pm accompanied by dj Donavan for entertainment. (CORRESTION: Entertainment will be performed by DJ DONWAN not Donavan, sorry for the mispelling ).

Mr Smith states “he is very happy to finally become the husband of the most wonderful woman he has ever known and is proud to include the residents at the ceremony”. Ms. Farmer goes on to say that, “we have taken care of some of these people for a very long time and they just love us to pieces. They are very excited and happy for us and can’t wait. One even cried when I told her the great news. These residents are often left here with hardly any outside visitors and very little to look forward to. This has given them a glimmer of sunshine and hope, something to look forward to. That’s all we want, to make our residents happy, even if it is only for a short while, it takes their minds off of their own situations even if it is temporarily”.

in addition Mr Smith and Ms Farmer (soon to be.. Mr and Mrs Smith) would like to extend a great big “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” (in advance) to Pontiac Nursing Home and all its staff, for their support and allowing us to have the ceremony with the residents on this greatious day, also to Colleens brother (Terry McManus) and his wife Lorraine, for allowing us to have our reception at their home, and for all they have done to assist in making this day possible. also to Dj Donwan for the entertainment on such short notice. and to Hon. Roger Wells for performing the ceremony and being available on such a short notice. and finally to Rons sister Sandra Smith and Colleens friend Kelly Mctague for all they have done in making this day possible (sandy helped decorate a lot of the smaller decorations and spent endless hours driving Colleen around to take care of last minute items and Kelly spent endless hours decorating the reception area and planning the events for everyones enjoyment) and finally a special “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” to Rons best friend Joe Verceles for being the best man and Colleens best friend Sue Schliecher for being the maid of honor, also to Colleens sister Patty Favata, for cutting her tradtional vacation short to attend the reception.


Ron N Colleen