Local Musicians Headline Entertainment at Memorial Day Salute

FULTON, NY – Well-known local duo, Domicolo & Barlow, will be the Friday night featured entertainment for Fulton’s 31st Annual Memorial Day Salute.

They have played together and with many other bands, since 1969.

Pictured  are: Dave Domicolo, left and Bill Barlow.
Pictured are: Dave Domicolo, left and Bill Barlow.

Bill Barlow, the drummer, has played with groups such as K-Nife, Country Showman, Oz, Fred Greco Tangerine Band, Friends, Patchwork, Zack Daniels Band, Fred McClean and the Mack Brothers.

He has also drummed with recording artists such as Country Wine, Blue Starr Band, Watson Boys Band, Stevie Wolf and the Blue Starr Express, Split Image, Eddy Paul Blues Band, Black Destroyers, Halfway to Nowhere, Doc Apple, Maxwell Sunday Band and presently, the Domicolo-Barlow Band.

Dave Domicolo, singer and guitarist, has been playing many years also.

He has played with recording bands such as Kroc A Cola, Revival, Mac Brothers, John Collins Band and has worked as a solo act, recording at Sunday Recording Co. and Blue Island Studio.

Bill and Dave have a great sound for only two guys, as you will see when they take the stage on Friday, May 25 at 7 p.m.

Be sure to come early to grab a seat; yet it doesn’t matter because you’ll be up and dancing in no time.