Local Politicians Thank New Vision Program for Their Successes

MEXICO – The New Vision Law and Government program at the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation continues to serve as a solid foundation for students who seek local political careers.

Tom Drumm
Tom Drumm

Oswego County District 16 Legislator-elect Thomas Drumm said while he’s always been interested in politics, it was his New Vision experience where he learned the most about community.

“It gave me a leg up,” he said.

Drumm graduated from both the New Vision program and Oswego High School in 2011 before he received two bachelor’s degrees – one in political science/history and one in organizational communication – from Keuka College in May.

Hands-on experience with New Vision Law and Government prepared him well for college internships with the office of U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer, former U.S. Congressman Dan Maffei and at CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity.

Throughout the New Vision program he obtained college credits through SUNY Oswego, a component all New Vision program participants may earn.

The 22-year-old lauded the support and guidance he received from New Vision teacher Dianna Nesbitt.

“I know when they leave the program they’ll be successful because they’ve prepared academically for the rigor of when they get into college,” she said.

New Vision students also learn confidentiality measures, problem-solving and team work, all of which are soft skills needed for most careers.

Terry Wilbur, who graduated from the program and Hannibal High School in 2006, credited those skills and his entire experience with New Vision for helping him succeed in local politics.

Terry Wilbur
Terry Wilbur

After he was elected to the Hannibal Village Board at the age of 19, Wilbur became the youngest legislator ever elected in Oswego County at age 21.

He has served as the 21st District legislator for five years, and will be sworn in for another two-year term in January.

“Every morning I wake up and think it’s an honor and privilege to be where I am helping my county,” Wilbur said.

Former New Vision Law and Government student Michael C. Backus became the youngest county clerk in New York State when he was elected to the Oswego County post in 2012 at the age of 29.

Nesbitt said program students are able to experience rotations with his office.

Several other students, she said, have gone on to have successful local careers with the Fulton Police Department, Oswego County Sheriff’s Office and the county’s probation department, among many other locations.

Other New Vision programs include New Vision Allied Health, for high school seniors interested in pursuing a career in healthcare; New Vision Business, for high school seniors interested in pursuing different careers in the business field; and New Vision Specialized Careers, for high school seniors who have a strong interest in pursuing a career that does not fall under other New Vision programs.

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