Local skater Danielle Mather earns Senior Freeskate Medal

Left to right Coach Renee Epps, Cindy Mather, Danielle Mather, Dan Mather
Left to right Coach Renee Epps, Cindy Mather, Danielle Mather, Dan Mather

The Oswego Figure Skating Club (OFSC) is proud to announce that Danielle Mather has passed her United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA) Senior Freeskate test at a USFSA test session in Cicero, NY on March 12, 2010 Danielle has joined an elite class of figure skaters who have attained the highest level in each of the three skating disciplines; moves, dance and freeskate. In the USFSA’s current database there are only 442 skaters who have passed all three of these levels and Danielle is only the second from the Oswego Figure Skating Club. Danielle passed her Senior Moves in June 2007 and Gold Dance test in March 2009.

Danielle started skating with the OFSC in the Basic Skills program in the fall of 2000, she moved to full club in 2002. Renee Epps has been her primary coach since 2004, before that she was coached by Peggy Bateman and Amber Gilbo. Kim Kutzer, Gary Jones and Stacey Cook have assisted with her freestyle skating over the years.

To be eligible to take the Senior Freeskate test a skater must have passed seven freeskates and the eight corresponding Moves in the Field tests. Danielle earned her Pre-Preliminary Freeskate in May of 2003, Preliminary in March 2004,in 2005 she passed Pre-Juvenile in March and Juvenile in June. In March of 2006 she passed the Intermediate test, Novice in February 2008 and Junior in Novemeber of 2009.

For the final test the skater is required to give an excellent performance displaying power, strong edge control and depth, extension and precise footwork control in all aspects of the selected elements. The four minute program should fully utilize the ice surface, have a change of pace and superbly express the mood and rythym of the music. The moves, steps and connecting movements in time to the music are required with specific jumps, spins, step and spiral sequences. Requirements consist of four different double or triple jumps, two different jump combinations consisting of two double or triple jumps and an axel jump, three spins of which one must be a flying spin with six revelations and one spin combination of ten revolutions, one step sequence and one spiral sequence covering the entire surface of the ice.This level is the same level as Olympic, World and National Championship caliber skaters. According to the USFSA in 2008 1846 skaters attempted the Senior Freeskate with only 47 % or 865 passing. In the past six months only 240 skaters have passed the Senior Freeskate.

Danielle he has been competing at many local and regional competitions including the USFSA North Atlantic Championships and the NYS Empire State Winter Games in Lake Placid where she has qualified for the final rounds the past four years and finished in sixth place this year at the Junior level. Danielle is an OFSC Junior Professional Coach and has also been volunteering for the OFSC Learn to Skate Program the past five years.

Danielle’s name has been placed on the OFSC Perpetual Senior and Gold Medal Plaque that is on display at the Crisafulli Ice Rink that lists all OFSC members who have achieved USFSA Gold Medals in the Disciplines of Moves, Dance or Freeskate.