Local State of Emergency Still In Effect

OSWEGO, NY -The State of Emergency imposed last week by Mayor Thomas Gillen remains in effect for the city of Oswego.

According to Oswego DPW Commissioner Michael Smith, more than 30 properties have had their water services restored but there are still more than a dozen who remain without water as  the work continues.

It is EXTREMELY important that residents continue to have their water running (about the diameter of a pencil) without interruption until further notice.

Do not be fooled by the lack of sub zero temperatures, more services continue to freeze and in some cases, have been thawed, but water was not left running, and refreezes have occurred.

The Oswego YMCA has generously opened its doors for those residents still without water to use their community room for shelter as well as their shower facilities between the hours of 5 a.m. and 9 p.m.

The Oswego Fire Department East Side Station is still providing potable water for those same residents at anytime by using the East Seneca Street entrance.

You must bring your own containers.

You may call the Oswego Fire Department at 342-8773 with questions.

Also as a reminder if you are attempting to thaw your own pipes, NEVER use a torch as it can cause a fire; a hair dryer is an acceptable method of thawing frozen water lines.

As always, please check and inform elderly neighbors and family of these reminders.