Local Taverns, Restaurants ‘Paint the Town Black’ to Raise Money for Local Fire Departments

Eagle Beverage Company and Guinness are partnering with local taverns and restaurants to “Paint the Town Black”.

The event will raise money for local fire departments and will begin the week of February 11 wrapping up around St. Patrick’s Day.

Each account involved will have fire fighter helmet cutouts for sale so the customer can write their name on them and hang them up within the establishment. 100% of the money raised will be donated to a department of choice.

The accounts that are involved have a choice of which fire department receives the donation.

“We wanted to keep the dollars local and give the bars and restaurants an option to support the department of their choice,” said Dan Dorsey Jr. Co-Owner of Eagle Beverage. “We also have the option of donating the money to the Webster Fire Department that was struck by tragedy on Christmas Eve last year or the Leary Firefighters Foundation. It’s completely up to the accounts that are participating.”

“The idea is to get the helmets hung up around the bars and restaurants before St. Patrick’s Day,” said Andrea Nelson, Media Specialist at Eagle Beverage. “Fundraisers like this have worked in the past with other charities seeing great success. We believe having Guinness as a partner this close to St. Patrick’s Day is a great opportunity.”

Response from local fire department has already been positive.

“We are extremely grateful for a program like this”, said John Geraci, President of the Oswego Fire Fighters’ Association. “This is just a great example of a great business giving back to the fire department and also a caring community. We are thankful for anything the community gives back.“

“As word gets out, we expect more taverns and restaurants to express interest,” said Dorsey. “We have a lot of cut out helmets to sell and look forward to having the counties we serve all “Painted Black” just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.”

The program will be running throughout Oswego, Jefferson and Lewis counties beginning next week and running through St. Patrick’s Day.

Right now 19 accounts have agreed to participate. They include, in Oswego; Greene’s Ale House, Gibby’s, Thunder Road, Carp’s Corner, 1881 Steakhouse, Cheap Seats, Lighthouse Lanes, Woodchuck Saloon, Gary’s, The Press Box, Old City Hall, and The Office Tavern. In Fulton and surrounding areas; Tavern on the Lock, Blue Moon, Lakeview Lanes, Pricker Bush, Floody’s, Chester’s, and Scriba Town Inn.

Eagle Beverage is an equal opportunity employer with facilities in Jefferson and Oswego counties.