Local Women’s Fitness Center Turns 2 In Fulton

FULTON, NY – All in One Fitness Center is celebrating its second birthday this month with an open house March 26 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at its facility located at 19 W. First St. N.

All of the instructors will be present to demonstrate their classes and answer any questions the public may have.

The licensed massage therapist and aesthetician will be on hand to offer massage and reflexology massage.

There will also be door prizes and healthy snacks.

If you are tired of a cookie-cutter gym where you are a number and anonymous, All in One may be the choice for you.

Veronica LaBarge and Christine Krugman decided to open a women’s fitness center after spending time working together at another women’s gym.

They decided women needed a place to come and not only exercise and get healthy but a place where they could be themselves and hang out.

“You can come and get fit and have fun,” said Krugman. “There is no pressure. It’s a place to be healthy. It’s not just about losing weight.”

The youngest member is 24 and the oldest is 85 and there are all shapes and sizes and ages of women in between who love what AIO offers.

Whether you’re looking for circuit training or yoga and Zumba, there is something for you at AIO. They have expanded and changed over the last year to offer circuit Zumba – a combo of Zumba and weight machines – exercise bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, regular Zumba classes, core strength training and the massage and aesthetician.

“I have been coming here for over a year and though it has been gradual, I have lost weight and gotten in better shape,” said Sharon Guyer, who, at 70, remains very active and comes to the center almost every day. “I feel good and have made progress, not to mention all the friends I have made here.”

There is even a coffee bar for those who might not be able to exercise on a certain day or for those who want to come and talk after they exercise.

The ladies gather to discuss their problems, news topics, children, grandchildren, husbands and other issues.

AIO also offers the women a chance to order nutritious natural foods from a local co-op and they can purchase naturally grown meat from Navarrino Meat.

“I love the people and the camaraderie,” said Linda Taft, another member and regular at the coffee bar. “I have always hated exercise but here it is easier and a lot more fun.”

Chris and Veronica try to offer healthy recipes and often bring in samples for the members to try.

They also try and work with those women who might be having health issues or even going on vacation so they can continue their healthy routines.

“If someone has a health issue that prevents them from working out for a while or if they are going away for the winter, we will try and make sure they can continue here with us,” said Chris. “We have options and we will do what we can to keep our members healthy and exercising.”

The memberships are flexible based on the client’s needs, said Veronica.

A membership can be from day to day or month to month, depending on the needs of the member.

For more information of memberships or getting a free three-day pass to come and check it out, call 297-4612.